Our Wonderful Volunteers: Nora Adderley, Sr Peg O'Shea, Pam Paul, Tracy Saville and (the late) Renera Prins

This wonderful group of volunteers works tirelessly at providing essential support to the children themselves. They visit the shelter at least one a week, often more when needed. They assist with home work, entertainment, bringing in extra curriculum activities, such as art and dancing. The children’s lives would most certainly be less rich if not for the volunteers.


Sister Peg O'Shea

Grew up in Detroit in a Canadian/Irish family of seven children. She became a Catholic sister in 1961, serving as a teacher, pastoral minister and secretary of overseas missions. Since being sent to South Africa in 1992 she has served at St Joseph Parish in Howick and managed a preschool. Her main focus is networking with others for the benefit of the poor and abandoned people, especially children.

   Pam Paul

Born and brought up in Durban, spent more years than she cares to remember teaching Drama and English, both privately and in High Schools, and adjudicated at various Speech and Drama Festivals, Speech competitions and debates. After taking early retirement in order to be available for grandmotherly duties - to seven grandsons - she became involved in the Streetwise Shelter for streetchildren at Marianhill, near Durban, where she did voluntary work, teaching in their school twice a week for about ten years, while also teaching (again as a volunteer) an adult literacy class at Maris Stella School. Since moving to Howick she is again involved with street-children at Khazimula Shelter, runs an adult literacy class at St Joseph's Catholic Church and adjudicates at Speech and Drama Festivals in the Midlands area

If you are able to volunteer your time please contact Sr Peg O'Shea on iti5728@lantic.net

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